All proceeds from sales will go to registered not for profit Charity Jarake Wildlife Sanctuary Ltd.
All our teats are hand made and small variations will occur. Due to hygienic reasons we have a no-return policy and suggest reading below information to order correct sizes.

How to select the most suitable teat.


The letters “S”, “W”, “L” represent the width of the base. See picture below:

Teats starting with the letter “S” have a 15 mm diameter wide base, suitable for small glass vials, bottles, plastic “pet-nurser” bottles, etc.

Teats starting with the letter “W” have a 17 mm diameter wide base, suitable for the “square” plastic bottles, glass bottles etc.

Teats starting with the letter “L” have a 20 mm diameter wide base, suitable for your larger glass bottles.

The numbers 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 represent the length of the shaft. Example; 0.1 suits furless wallaby or wombat. Size 5 suits kangaroo above 10 kg.

Silicone teats are strong, soft, flexible with a velvet touch, made using high quality food grade silicone with high tensile strength. You can choose from six different semi-transparent colours.

Pre-made holes; you have an option of a pre-made hole in teat sizes 0.1 to 5. The entire teat is created around the hole (no cutting, no skewer needed). The hole sizes are:

  • teat size 0.1 : hole size of 0.3 mm
  • teat size 0.5 : hole size of 0.4 mm
  • teat size 1 : hole size of 0.5 mm
  • teat size 2 : hole size of 0.6 mm
  • teat size 3 : hole size of 0.6 mm
  • teat size 4 : hole size of 0.6 mm
  • teat size 5 : hole size of 0.8 mm

Flanged teats are ideal for carers with arthritis, sore hands, easier and simpler attachment to the bottle and comfort of use.  Most sizes are available. Postage including flanged teats are $15 per order.

We use high quality latex with three layers on each teat.
A strengthened shaft and tip with four layers of latex is available for an extra 20 cents to use on animals who “chew” their teats.

Different batches of latex and air temperature when made can alter the final product and we can therefore not guarantee the exact same thickness and strength each time.

Postage: flat rate $ 10.00.  Except orders including flanged teats or wombat dummies and the postage is $ 15.00 per order.

How to care for your silicone teats:

Always attach a dry teat to a dry rim on the bottle and avoid the use of sharp finger nails. They can be washed in soapy water, boiled and sterilised but do not over-stretch the teat. “Slide” the teat on and off the bottle to avoid pulling or tearing. A split teat at the base is mostly caused by a chip in the glass bottle, over-stretching the teat and or using incorrect teat size. Avoid sharp claws grabbing at the teat.